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‘Forever’ with Nayra in Antequera

Málaga CF Forever is an example of commitment to solidarity and continues its run of charity matches with the support and collaboration of Diputación Provincial de Málaga.

Last Saturday our veterans went to El Maulí (Antequera) to play a friendly triangular tournament against the team from the Association of Ex Real Betis Balompié Players and the Club Deportivo Atlético Antequerano veterans.

Calatayud, Koke Contreras, Apoño, Juanito, Juanma, Gonzalo De los Santos and many more, were the standout players in the line-up of president and coach of the Blue and White association, Manolo Hernández Navarrete.

Far beyond sport, the most important reason for the event was to meet Nayra and support her to get the special suit that she needs. There was a good crowd at the Antequera ground to raise funds.

Once again, the work of the Diputación and its sports delegation in the province was fundamental in the organisation of the event, together with the Antequera Town Hall.