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Festive visit to Algarrobo for the Forever team

Málaga CF Forever, with the support of Diputación de Málaga, continue their tour of the province, full of football and friendship.

Last weekend couldn't have got off to a better start for our veterans' association. They visited a town with deep-rooted Malaguismo, Algarrobo. With former Blue and White player and local to the area, Caracol as host, the iconic president of UD Algarrobo and former Malaguista manager Pepe Baratillo was honoured.

In addition, there was an entertaining friendly match between a team of veterans and players from Algarrobo and Málaga CF, who enjoyed a clear win on the Forever debut of former Malaguista defender Sergio Sánchez.

Also present were the Club’s sporting director, Manolo Gaspar, along with Juanito, Calatayud, Gonzalo de los Santos and Koke Contreras, amongst others. There was also a notable representation from MCF Femenino with coordinator, Alicia Fuentes, first and second team coaches Juanma and Javi Ramos, former player Marina and the incombustible Manolo Navarrete, vice president of Forever and team coach.

Great atmosphere, friendship, anecdotes, memories and a delicious paella brought an end to an unforgettable festive day, featuring the support from one of Málaga CF's main sponsors, the Diputación Provincial de Málaga.