Final training session before #MálagaLeganés

Sergio Pellicer’s team underwent a video viewing followed by activation training at the Annexe and tactical work at La Rosaleda. Jozabed stayed outside the group due to a muscular contracture.


20/11/2020 12:04

Under the coach’s orders in training today were goalkeepers, Dani Barrio, Juan Soriano and homegrown keeper, Gonzalo, plus 25 players including Aarón (without federative registration), reserve team players Ismael, Benítez, Quintana, Cristo, Ramón, Mini, Juan Cruz and Julio, and juvenil player, Larrubia.

Outside the group dynamic were Hicham, suffering with long-term injury, and Jozabed. The Sevilla-born midfielder has sustained a contracture to the adductor in his left leg, pending evolution.

Tomorrow, Saturday, Málaga CF will be in action at La Rosleda from 14:00 against CD Leganés on LaLiga SmartBank matchday 13.

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07/04/2021 12:07 | Training

The team returns to training at the Annexe

Sergio Pellicer had 26 players under his orders after two days of rest. Hicham carried out part of the session, whilst Ismael remained in the gym. Orlando Sá is back, and trained outside the group.

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Cartagena, kilometre 31

The team won an important point yesterday in Málaga’s first official match at Cartagonova, leaving a good taste in the mouth of the Malaguista expedition.