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Málaga CF Female

Female grassroots football also in action over Christmas

There’s no break for the women’s reserve team and MCF School over the festive period. These are the tournaments that the female youth teams are taking part in before official competition resumes.

Christmas is also a time for football and Málaga CF’s female youth teams are enjoying these days away from regular competition with various charity tournaments. Both the MCF Academy and MCF School have various events coming up before the Three Kings celebrations.

MCF Academy: Málaga CF Femenino Reserve team

The reserve team of Málaga CF Femenino, currently competing in Segunda División Nacional Group IV, will be participating in the ‘Navidad en Guillena’ Christmas tournament. A triangular format in which, as well as the Malaguista squad, another two great Andalusian youth teams are also taking part: Sevilla FC and Cádiz CF. The tournament will be held in the Sevilla municipality of Guillena on Friday 4th January at La Vega municipal ground. The matches will kick off at 11.00 with Málaga CF – Cádiz CF and end at 13:00 with Sevilla FC – Málaga CF. The full match schedule is as follows:

  • Málaga CF – Cádiz CF (11:00)
  • Sevilla FC – Cádiz CF (12:00)
  • Sevilla FC – Málaga CF (13:00)

* Trophy presentation (13:45)

Every match will have a 45-minute duration

MCF School: Infantil F7

The Infantil F7 team from the MCF School will be competing in the Quality Cup, taking place on 29th and 30th December in Córdoba at the UCO Rabanales facilities. Eight groups and around 32 teams will be participating in this cup competition. Málaga CF is in Group D together with Deportivo Córdoba. The first match between these teams will be held on 30th December at 16:00. Should the Malaguistas win, the next match will take place on the same day at 17:00 against the Group C winner: Real Betis, Granadal Figueroa or Linares Deportivo.