Escassi participates in ‘Conecta con Futura Afición’

The Málaga CF player joined Fundación LaLiga for this event with the students at CEIP El Hacho.


09/06/2021 18:09

Futura Afición is an educational project that promotes and nurtures the positive values of sport. With the firm intention of eradicating violence in football, and for the message to reach young children, the project defends values such as fair play, sportsmanship and respect.

The program, taking place over 10 different days, is aimed at primary schools throughout Spain, as well as families and society in general. On this occasion, CEIP El Hacho took part in the remote session.

The Malaguista captain discussed the values of sport and the precautions in place in the fight against COVID-19. To provide a different perspective, Escassi talked to the guests about his vision of the situation in LaLiga SmartBank. He insisted on the importance of washing hands frequently, always wearing a mask and maintaining a safe distance from others.

The dynamic was similar to the Blue and White Values events held over the 20/21 season, through the MCF Foundation, connecting with different schools all over the province. In ‘Conecta con Futura Afición’, the aim is to help young people with a unique educational experience.

Thank you for representing the values of the Club so flawlessly, Escassi!

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