Encarni and María Ruiz receive ‘Reconocidas 2018’ award

The Málaga CF Femenino winger and forward received this accolade from the Diputación de Málaga to celebrate International Women’s Day.


07/03/2018 13:06

Málaga CF Femenino players, Encarni and María Ruiz were presented with the Diputación de Málaga’s ‘Reconocidas 2018’ award today, Wednesday 7th March, to mark the occasion of International Women’s Day.

These accolades are directed at all those women and entities that individually or as a group played a key role in the history of the municipalities of Málaga province. In the case of the Malaguistas, they represent the villages of Villanueva del Rosario – where Encarni is from - and Almáchar, where María Ruiz was born.

Statments by Encarni

Thrilled with the award

“People from my town called me to tell me I was going to receive this award. It’s important for a place like Villanueva del Rosario, with only 3,000 inhabitants. I’m absolutely delighted”.

Recognition of women’s football

“You see more and more all the time. Now the girls in the Academy are asking if they can come and see us, and we always try to set a good example as an elite team. Little by little Cártama is filling up further, which is an absolute joy because the fans make the matches more fun and give us a boost”.

Statements by María Ruiz

“I was very happy when they told me about the award. It’s important to me, but especially my village, – Almáchar – and for women’s sport. We are garnering more and more support which we’re very grateful for. Every day there are new steps in that direction”.

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MCFF match schedule

The Málaga Femenino reserve team is playing for Second Division promotion on Sunday against Cádiz CF, whilst the Cadete team is taking part in the Andalusian Club Championships of the category.