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Eighth season of Blue and White Values comes to a close

Luis Muñoz, along with Andrea Ríos, Óscar Talavera and Carlos Hierro closed the eighth season of this MCF Foundation initiative. Fundación La Caixa and ‘CaixaBank, loyal collaborators, were present at the event which featured CEIP Huertas Viejas in Coín.

The Club, via its Foundation and with the collaboration of Fundación ‘la Caixa’ and CaixaBank, continues to promote sporting values and healthy habits in schools in Málaga and the province. Today, Tuesday 26th April, the eighth season ended during a very special morning session.

Around 75 students from CEIP Huertas Viejas (Coín) enjoyed a wonderful day. First, they watched Málaga CF in training on the main pitch at La Rosaleda. Later, before enjoying the usual chat about Blue and White Values, they had a look around the stadium’s renovated Museum&Tour.

Once in the 'Juan Cortés' press room, the young Malaguistas experienced an entertaining and informative talk, hosted by Basti and Lucía, featuring MCF Foundation coordinator, Lucas Rodríguez; Francisco Ramos, director of the CaixaBank Business Department; and Yolanda Solero, head of Social Action at CaixaBank.

To end the day, there was a question-and-answer session with the Blue and White players. Luis Muñoz (MCF) and Andrea Ríos (MCFF), together with Óscar Talavera and Carlos Hierro (Málaga Genuine), responded to the pupils’ questions and told multiple anecdotes, all featuring Blue and White Values.

The MCFTV cameras were ever-present. Luis Muñoz said “it’s lovely. Seeing everyone together, the children, homegrown players, Genuine team members, first team, Femenino…As a child I would have loved such a great experience,” he commented. Andrea Ríos added that “what we want to promote is what Málaga is as a club. For the children to see us and share this space with us, so they can see that Málaga is much more, and we carry these Values inside.” She also thanked Fundación La Caixa for their help and hard work in promoting Malaguismo in the province.

Lastly, the group photo was taken with the players. See you next season. Values, Values and more Values! Thank you!

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