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Dynamic Season Ticket on sale from Monday

This versatile ticket, exclusively for Loyal Malaguistas, will be available in the Private Area from Monday 8th August. Check out all the info here.

The Dynamic Season Ticket allows Loyal Malaguistas to acquire several tickets that you can use in one or different matches individually, with someone or in a group. A type of ‘ticket-voucher’ with six or 12 accesses that can be distributed exclusively according to your needs. The Dynamic Season Ticket will be available from Monday 8th August.

It’s really very straightforward. As a Loyal Malaguista (this requirement is essential) choose the Dynamic Season Ticket option in your Private Area. Select the number of tickets you would like and the area of the stadium. There you go. Now you have your dynamic season ticket. Subsequently, when you want to use it, choose the match and number of tickets you’d like (from one individual to the maximum acquired).

This season ticket is only available in the regular LaLiga SmartBank competition - in Málaga CF’s home games at La Rosaleda - and not in hypothetical promotion play-offs. However, as a Loyal Malaguista, you will have preference when buying tickets for these matches. If you need more than the 12 tickets on offer, you can purchase several Dynamic Tickets. Then the accesses can accumulate, and you’ll be able to use as many as you like.

As for the seat location of the ticket, they will be selected randomly, but always in the area you previously selected. Don’t worry, if you are going to use several tickets, they will all be together. Of course, this is as long as you do it in the same operation, if you do it later, they may not be located in the same place.

The Children's Dynamic Season Ticket will also still be available. To be able to buy it, in addition to having a Children’s Loyal Malaguista associated with your account, the purchase of this season ticket must be accompanied by the purchase of an Adult Dynamic Season Ticket.

Any more questions?

How much is the Dynamic Season Ticket?

It depends on your requirements. The price ranges from €70 for six accesses in Fondos and Curva, and up to €320 for 12 accesses to Tribuna.

Is there a Children’s Dynamic Season Ticket?

Yes, at a price starting from €30 (six entries) to €40 (12 entries), regardless of the area of the stadium. The Children’s Dynamic Season Ticket must be linked to a general one, it cannot be purchased separately.

How many accesses can I use per match?

As many as you like, depending on how many you’ve purchased. If, for example, for a match you need 18 tickets as you’re a big group, you can buy several Dynamic Season Tickets (one of six and another of 12) and use them all for the same match. REMEMBER, to make sure you’re all sitting together, you need to buy all tickets in the same operation. If you do it at different times, the seats may be separated.

Until when can I use my entries?

The last available match will be against UD Ibiza, corresponding to matchday 42 of LaLiga SmartBank. Once this date has passed, the tickets will expire and cannot be utilised next season.

Can it be used individually?

Yes of course. This can also be used as an individual season ticket. This is the ideal solution for you if you are one of the Malaguistas who are in the city for a limited amount of time, if work prevents you from coming to all the matches or if you are part of a group that wants to distribute the matches among members. Of course, the holder must always be a Loyal Malaguista.

Therefore, is it compatible with the Season Ticket?

Yes. If you are already a season ticket holder this could be just as interesting for you. You may have commitments with family, friends or colleagues and you want to treat them. You can use it however you like.

In that case, will the seats be located next to mine?

No, we regret to inform you that, for now, the seat selection option for the Dynamic Season Ticket is not available. We hope it will be available soon, but for now you can only select your preferred area of the stand.

When do I have to choose the matches I want to see?

You have until two hours before the match. Don’t forget about availability. We advise you to do it as far in advance as possible.

If I generate a ticket and then decide I don’t want it?

Once a ticket has been generated it cannot be returned. As such, ensure you know which match you want to see and how many entries you require.

What do I have to do to get a ticket to a companion?

It’s very simple. When you select the accesses you need, assign each one to the designated person. After providing their data, in 10 minutes the ticket will be sent to you via email ready to resend.  

We can’t wait to see you at La Rosaleda!