Duda and Manolo Sánchez feature in the second ‘Academy of Values’

The MCF Academy director and second Málaga CF coach were the ambassadors at this meeting, within the MCF Foundation’s project sponsored by Pinturas Andalucía.


28/04/2021 18:13

The second lesson of ‘Academy of Values’ was given by Duda and Manolo Sánchez on Tuesday afternoon. The MCF Academy director and second Málaga CF coach followed on from Sergio Pellicer and Manolo Gaspar last week.

Via a Zoom meeting, the Club’s under-13 and under-14 players, accompanied by their parents, as well as Manuel Espiritusanto, head of Marketing at Pinturas Andalucía, a sponsor of this MCF Foundation project, were very attentive to Duda and Manolo Sánchez.

The MCF Academy director is very clear. “Our objective isn’t to be champions, but to instil values. We look at the daily behaviour at school, which is more important than the sport. Studying should come first, if not it will be noticed in the future performance of a footballer. The player who doesn’t study at Málaga CF is going to have a very tough time staying here. Values start with studies”, said Duda.

Manolo Sánchez focused on the daily sacrifice. “In the face of difficulty, excuses mean nothing. If you’re at Málaga it’s because Duda has seen qualities to enable you to be at The Academy. You have a wonderful opportunity that many don’t have, working with high level coaches in training. You have to let them teach you, so you learn and absorb every bit of information they give you. This is why it’s important to never make excuses,” said the Málaga CF second coach.

Marketing director at Pinturas Andalucía, Manuel Espiritusanto is very pleased with the ‘Academy of Values’. “We’re thrilled to associate our brand with such an exciting project, that conveys values as we do within the company, with young people coming in and with older people who follow. Like in a football club, a company has to have these values. I hope the players make the most of this opportunity and chance to learn”, he said.

Next week a new group of young players from our youth ranks, along with their parents, will have the chance to attend another class in the ‘Academy of Values’. This will be the third of five lessons planned within this project that seeks personal growth in line with sports development.


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