Docunova, the best of impressions

The close relationship between Málaga CF and Docunova is such that in the words of commercial director, Sergio Rosas, it’s almost more personal and emotional than business.


06/06/2019 17:25

The good relationship between Málaga CF and Docunova is perfectly summarised by the company’s commercial director, Sergio Rosas: “We have been suppliers for Málaga CF for many years, when they entrusted us with the entire implementation of document management solutions. To this day, it’s almost more of a personal and emotional relationship between both entities”.

Docunova is a Málaga-based company, which this year accumulates 30 years of experience, dedicated to document management consulting and managed printing services. All their work is based on the same philosophy: professionalism, quality and innovation.

Members of The MBC and sponsors of Málaga CF, Docunova is the best option to update and transform your company with photocopiers, printers and multifunction equipment of the best brands on the market. For more information visit their website

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