Dad, thanks for making me a Malaguista

Today, 19th March, we honour all the Blue and White fathers who taught us to love our colours.


19/03/2021 09:55

Remember your first match at La Rosaleda? We all cherish that experience fondly. Some visited the temple for the first time with friends, a partner, classmates or, in many cases, with their dad.

We see it so much in the stands. A young Malaguista climbing the steps in the stands holding their dad’s hand. When they get to the top and see the stadium in all its glory for the first time, their face says it all. That murmur that sends shivers down your spine turns into applause when the Blue and Whites come out to warm up. At that moment, their life will change completely. They are now a Malaguista.

The excitement when hearing the anthem for the first time, the fury with a referee’s decision and the elation of a goal, bring the fans together with a camaraderie that will last a lifetime.

Today this beautiful ritual cannot take place at our stadium. COVID-19 has temporarily closed La Rosaleda’s doors, leaving our stands empty. This Friday 19th March, we want to honour all the fathers who bequeathed their love for the colours to their children.

Thanks dad.

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