Contreras: “We have to focus on Albacete; only a win will do”

The Málaga CF Femenino coach sent a message of thanks to the Malaguista fans who went to Madrid: “Despite our position, we have the best fans and we hope to give them what they deserve”.


24/03/2019 18:37

Points still at stake

“We lost another possible final. I prefer not to call them finals as we’re losing because of mistakes that are penalising us too much, such as a penalty. Now we need to go for it, there are no more excuses. We must win the remaining three home games and still rely on ourselves. The next match is against Albacete: if we win, we’ll still have options, however if we lose then, obviously, we’d be much closer to what we don’t want to hear. Therefore, only a win will do”.

Message to fans

“We thank our supporters, they’re incredible considering the position we’re in. We have the best fans, they’re always there for us, so we hope to give them what they deserve”.