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Málaga CF Female

Contreras: “The second half was key”

The Málaga Femenino coach reviews the point obtained against RCD Espanyol: “It doesn’t feel like much as Málaga deserved victory on gameplay and arrivals”.

One more point

“The point doesn’t feel like much to me as today I believe Málaga deserved victory on gameplay, arrivals and playmaking”.

Match analysis

“The team came out differently in the second half. The goal arrived very soon which makes decision making much clearer. What is certain is that the second half was different. In the first, play was focused back and forth, which didn’t serve either team. The two goals were ours; we scored one and the other was a result of our mistake. I’m left with a bittersweet feeling, but today losing was not an option, and we didn’t lose. We continue to rely on ourselves”.

Staying in the top flight

“We don’t have to concentrate on the result, we only depend on us. We must stay calm, seven months ago this team was in the Second Division, that’s the reality. However, this team is incredibly brave and likes Liga Iberdrola so much that they feel the pressure as they don’t want to leave this league, and they’re not going to. It’s impossible that these girls don’t remain in the First Division”.