Clínicas Rincón win the first MBC Paddle Tennis Tournament

The first MBC Paddle Tennis Tournament was held in Reserva del Higuerón. Francisco Delgado and Antonio Trigo, from Clínicas Rincón, were victorious, in an intense and very close final against ‘Malaguistas’ Arnau-Valcarce.


15/05/2012 20:33

As well as Málaga CF, represented by the now classic partnership, Arnau-Valcarce, another nine teams from Málaga Business Club also took part: Halcón Viajes, Auxi Service, Doña Francisquita, Servilimpsa, Genera, A2 Comunicación, Grupo VID, Reserva del Higuerón and Clínicas Rincón, the latter declared tournament champions.  The winner’s prize is to play in the Ciudad de Fuengirola-Reserva del Higuerón professional tournament, within Spain’s Pro-Tour circuit.

Málaga CF first team players, Sergio Sánchez and Ignacio Camacho, who live near the Reserva del Higuerón, showed their support for this tournament, organised by The MBC.

Following the tournament, the players enjoyed cocktails and celebrated the first successful paddle tennis event, organised by The Málaga Business Club, which continues to strengthen links between business owners in the region.