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Chelsea: “Rayo have a tough ground, but we’re working day by day”

The Málaga CF Femenino goalkeeper takes stock of the Blue and Whites’ performance in Liga Iberdola as we move towards the end of the year: “The balance is positive, we’re moving upwards bit by bit, however we’re humble and don’t believe anything”.

Rayo Vallecano Femenino

“It’s a massive opportunity because winning there means moving up a fair few positions. It’s a tough ground, against a team that has been in the First Division for many years, but we’re working day by day and are feeling confident. We are aware they’re a great team, but we’re a humble team that works hard every day, so we hope to bring the three points home”.

Upwards, but with humility

“The balance is positive. We’re moving upwards bit by bit. We know where we came from, we’re a completely new team and I believe we’ve changed a great deal since the first game. The team is moving up, however we’re humble, don’t believe anything and have our feet on the ground. Here all we do is work, particularly with the coach we have”.

Final stretch of the year

“We’re got three games next week, but we mustn’t despair. We don’t need to think about the last match against Barcelona, we need to take each day at a time and keep enjoying what we’re doing. We’ll try to end the year in the best way possible”.

Good atmosphere

“Our morale is always high as I believe that a newly promoted team needs to be stronger than the others. The match against Levante is forgotten, we won against Sevilla, and against Atlético de Madrid, well everyone knows how good they are, but I think the team stood up to them and conveyed a great image. We kept trying until the final second. We need to keep working hard with the same level of enthusiasm. There are some major teams in this league against whom we’ll suffer, but we’re beating our direct rivals which is the most important thing for now. We don’t feel inferior to any other team”.