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Press conference

Charles: “We deserve to take something more away from here”

Charles Dias appeared in the mixed zone at Estadio de la Cerámica after #VillarrealMálaga. “We gave our all on the pitch”, affirms the Malaguista goal-scorer against Villarreal CF.

Goal and team

“Excited by the goal? Yes of course, it’s been four hard months, as you all know. We’ve been playing well for a number of weeks. We’re performing at a good level, the players on the pitch always give their best, and we must continue working. I hope on Monday we’ll be able to enjoy victory for ourselves and our fans”.

Malaguista fans

“Unfortunately, we weren’t able to win here today, but the point we earned is for them. They know we gave our all on the pitch, and I’m certain they’re pleased too”.

Points and hard work

“Hopefully in the next match, the right decisions will be taken for both teams. We leave here upset as we played well…but at least we go home with a point. We need points, and we work hard every week to come here for this to happen to us”.


“It’s important to think that the referee didn’t see the penalty…mine. The other one is something I cannot understand. The same thing happened to us in Pamplona, in the last action of the match we weren’t awarded a penalty. All the other teams seem to be awarded penalties, and we remain silent. Let’s see if they start giving us something too from time to time. We’ve been playing well in numerous matches, but today we deserve to take something more away from here”.


“We wanted to leave here with the three points, but instead we’re going home with one. In an immensely tough game against a major rival, we performed very well. I hope we play like this again on Monday and we achieve something positive, as it’s certainly time”.