By land, sea or air, always with HispaMaroc

Málaga CF and HispaMaroc have enjoyed a very good relationship since the Málaga transport and customs company joined The MBC.


25/06/2019 17:00

José Luis Gil, director of logistics explained to MCFTV that HispaMaroc has “its own fleet of approximately 300 vehicles”, with correspondents all over the world focusing on “land, sea and air transport”. The special relationship with Africa includes routes through Morocco and Senegal in connection with the whole of Europe.

In relation to Málaga CF, as sponsors of the Blue and White entity, “we like to see ourselves represented as a company from Málaga and linked to the Club” said Gil.

About HispaMaroc

In the mid-nineties the first offices opened in Málaga and Tangier, Morocco. The basic objective; a freight transport service where quality and innovation prevail.

In the year 2000 the company obtained the ISO Quality System, and in 2013 HispaMarco achieved the ISO Environmental certificate. The ongoing renewal of the fleets unites security and innovation in equal parts.

The Port of Algeciras, since the year 2000, has offered great fluidity in the customs service every day of the year. Then in 2013, Hispamaroc Portugal was born, in Maia, close to Porto, reinforcing the international character of the company.

Logistics and transport. Excellence and proximity. HispaMaroc, thanks to its professionalism, has become an important member of the extensive Málaga Business Club.

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