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Business Club debates influence of sport in childhood at La Rosaleda

Málaga CF’s Business Club and the Childhood and Business Club gathered together some 50 businesspeople at La Rosaleda to talk about the importance of sport in childhood development.

Sport being a cornerstone in childhood development was the starting point of the meeting at La Rosaleda, between a group of businesspeople dedicated to providing products and services for children and families.

Guests first enjoyed a visit to the Museum & Tour at La Rosaleda where they got to explore inside the Martiricos stadium and take a journey through the past and present of the Blue and Whites’ Club.

Málaga CF’s head of business development, José María Arrabal and president of the Childhood and Business Club, Roseta Leiva, opened the debate regarding new ideas and business options in the relationship directly linking sport, in particular football, with the development of children and their families.

La Rosaleda and Málaga CF’s Business Club, in collaboration with individual companies or associations such as the Childhood and Business Club, provide the perfect framework for the organisation of such events that enhance the relationship between different sectors and generate networking; an indispensable tool in today’s world of business and entrepreneurship.