Blue and White Values take to more schools

The MCF Foundation’s project continues to tour schools throughout the province via remote sessions.


13/03/2021 09:39

It’s important that young people learn the values of sport. As such, the MCF Foundation in collaboration with #FundaciónLaCaixa, take their ‘Blue and White Values’ project to schools in the province. This week another two schools enjoyed the remote visit from the Blue and Whites: CEIP Virgen de la Concepción and CEIP El Hacho.

On Wednesday 10th March, pupils at CEIP Virgen de la Concepción in Montejaque enjoyed the online presence of Cristian Rodríguez, Ana Buceta ‘Buce’ and Christian Escaño representing the different teams at the Club. Then on Thursday 11th, students at CEIP El Hacho in Álora welcomed Ismael Casas, Claudia García ‘Clo’ and Jorge Ortiz ‘Busta’. During the remote sessions, the Malaguista representation answered the pupils’ questions and talked about their experiences and how they apply values to their daily lives.


Cristian on fulfiling your dreams

“It’s wonderful to enjoy sport. It’s not easy, but when they tell you you can’t do it, keep on going. If you like football, don’t stop”.

Buce on training and free time

“I’ve finished my degree and am now studying a master's degree in urban planning. I dedicate my free time to studying and getting my English degree, which is important. When I have free time between my studies and football, I try to go out for a drink or go for a walk. However, I always make sure I sleep well and rest”.

Christian Escaño on the fans’ respect

Christian said he has never received insults from fans, adding “we have the best fans in the world”, which delighted everyone present. He sent a message to the students: “Dreams do come true”.

Ismael on playing for Málaga CF

“I’d love to keep playing at Málaga as I’ve been here since I was a child. Moving up to the First Division and, why not, the Champions League like all those years ago. In addition, it’s a great place to live and all the people at the Club are lovely”.

Clo on how she started playing football

“The first memory I have of playing football is with my brother in the park, who is a little older than me. He’s also a footballer, in Segunda División B. The love of football runs in our family. He encouraged me to play”.

Busta on safety measures

“As measures to prevent COVID-19, we respect social distancing regulations, wash our hands regularly and wear a mask”.

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