‘Blue and White Values’ continue during Semana Blanca

Students throughout the province will enjoy a week off. Yet ‘Blue and White Values’ will accompany them during the week.


23/02/2021 12:17

The MCF Foundation’s Project, in collaboration with #FundaciónLaCaixa, won’t be carrying out the usual remote sessions over this week, as the students are on holiday due to Semana Blanca. However, the Entity wants them to make the most of these free days to continue learning about ‘Blue and White Values’.

A balanced diet, brushing teeth after eating, drinking water, good rest, wearing a mask correctly, washing hands frequently and maintaining a safe social distance continue to be of utmost importance. Besides enjoying the free time, it’s important to continue learning.

As such, check out the Blue and Whites Values 20/21 video. During this Semana Blanca, learn and play!

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03/03/2021 17:08 | Málaga CF Foundation

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