Blas Infante, Super Basti’s playground

CEIP Blas Infante in Ciudad Jardín featured in another day of Blue and White Values yesterday. The big surprise at the end was the announcement of the future Sebastián Fernández ‘Súper Basti’ Malaguista Peña.


04/12/2021 10:24

Yesterday was a day like no other. As well as commemorating World Disability Day, the Club, through its Foundation, celebrated another unforgettable day of Blue and White Values.

On this occasion it was the turn of Blas Infante School in Ciudad Jardín to flood La Rosaleda with excitement, joy and song. The students chanted as the Málaga CF players took part in a special training session at the Annexe, together with four members of Málaga Genuine. They also enjoyed the history of the Málaga Museum & Tour at La Rosaleda, and of course, ended their tour of the stadium at the ‘Juan Cortés’ press room.

Present during the chat were Javi Jiménez (MCF) and Silvia Mérida (MCFF) plus Javi and Raúl (Málaga Genuine). “Our neighbours from the Blas Infante School in Ciudad Jardín really cheered on the Genuine players, it was a wonderful day,” said Basti to MCFTV. What the head of the MCF Foundation’s Social Department didn’t know was that, before the end of the event marked by the traditional group photo with the students, he was in for a spectacular surprise.

The Malaguistas of Ciudad Jardín announced the future creation of the Peña Malaguista Sebastián Fernández ‘Súper Basti’, handing him a commemorative poster to represent the first stone of the new supporters’ club. “I couldn’t stop the tears, it’s such a beautiful emotion in every way. I’ve always given my all for Málaga, and the fans have recognised my effort and my goals,” said Basti.

Blue and White Values on World Disability Day, and the icing on the cake, another Blue and White Peña to honour a true legend of Malaguismo. What a day!

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Good food has a taste of Málaga!

A Malaguista expedition attended the gastronomic event organised by the Diputación and AVOI to highlight the importance of good nutrition. “Thank you to 'Sabor a Málaga' for having this type of initiative, encouraging young people to enjoy healthy habits,” said Javi Jiménez.

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First double session of the week

Málaga CF returned to training this morning at the Federación in the first of two sessions taking place today. Kevin and Larrubia were absent with a viral infection.