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Big smiles on the return to training

The Malaguistas resumed training at La Rosaleda’s facilities this morning following their league debut. Calero, Chavarría and Ramón made first contact with the group.

The morning session got underway in the Juan Cortés press room at La Rosaleda with a video viewing for the entire Malaguista squad. Then the starting players from Málaga CF – CD Mirandés stepped on to the pitch at the Annexe around 09:30 to undergo specific training. The others carried out physical work in the gym to kick-off the session.

Subsequently, both groups met on the pitch under the orders of José Alberto. CaleroChavarría and Ramón advanced with their recoveries and made their first contact with the group, initiating a gradual and partial reincorporation. Jozabed, Hicham and Benkhemassa remained in the gym to undergo rehabilitation for their respective injuries.

The Malaguista team will return to work tomorrow at 09:00 at La Rosaleda’s facilities.