Back to training this Tuesday morning

Sergio Pellicer’s team returned to training this morning at La Rosaleda’s Annexe. The Blue and Whites’ second session this week to prepare for the upcoming game.


26/01/2021 13:26

Technical-tactical training, work with the ball, goal-shooting exercises and mini-matches on a reduced-sized pitch in groups were once again the main focus of the session.

Like yesterday, the same 10 homegrown players were in first team training today (six reserve team members and four juveniles) from the MCF Academy. Hicham and Julio remained outside the group, alternating between work in the gym and specific training on the pitch under the supervision of physical trainer, Manu Gestoso. Benkhemassa was absent (muscular injury to left quadriceps).

In addition, Escassi and Orlando Sá, who both sustained injury in the final part of yesterday’s session, remained on the sidelines. The Malagueño (bruised right knee) underwent continuous running whilst the Portuguese striker (blow to right knee) is awaiting complementary medical tests.

Tomorrow, Wednesday at 11:00, Málaga CF will resume training at La Rosaleda Stadium’s facilities.

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