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Press conference

Arnau: “This is the most important challenge of my life”

Francesc Arnau was presented as Málaga CF’s new sports director this Thursday morning at La Rosaleda’s press room: “I feel ready and excited,” says Girona-born Arnau.

Club advisers, Francisco Martín Aguilar, Antonio Benítez and Abdullah Ben Barek accompanied Arnau to today’s press conference: “I’ve been with the Club for 15 years and have experienced many stages.  Now this is the most important challenge of my life.  I feel ready and excited.  I want to see us earn points and remain unified in order to achieve our objectives.  I would like to convey my support to coach, Javi Gracia, the coaching team and first team players.  My focus now is the winter transfer market.  We’ll analyse the situation surrounding the first team and get down to work,” comments Arnau.

Press conference – Francesc Arnau

(First few hours) “It’s been very intense.  The first job was to make contact with the team, more so on a contractual level, and to speak to the coach, who knows the squad better than anyone.  Any operation that could take place could have further implications.  My right hand man is Manel Casanova, I’m in contact with him every day and La Academia will be integrated into the sports management.  We understand that the youth academy is the Club’s heritage.  David Vizcaíno and Pepe Calderón will also be working alongside me, as well as someone from Mario’s (Husillos) team.”

(New role) “I was told about it two weeks ago.  I spoke to Mario and there weren’t any problems.  I appreciate the attitude he had, and all the information he gave us will help to filter the footballers we may have in mind.”

(Winter transfer market) “I need to be practical.  My job now is to focus on the January transfer window.  I’ve just started in this role so I have to allow everything to sink in so I know each player’s situation.  I understand that the major signings are the ones who are here.  The squad is complete, and the big reinforcements are already here.”

(Javi Gracia / Copa del Rey) “The coach is very upbeat, he has my support and the harmony with Javi is sensational.  There will not be any problem (…) We need to look at things in a cooler, calmer way.  A positive note from yesterday’s elimination is the fact that we can now solely focus on LaLiga.  We are all aware of our objective, which is to avoid relegation and overcome this anxiety.  The grand finals are played at the end.  From my position, I need to defend the Club, although the coach is the most important on the pitch, and any signing must be communicated to him to determine the possible options he may have.”

(Owners) “The Sheikh is much more involved in the day to day, and takes part in decision making, which I think is a good thing.  On my part, he will always be informed of everything as he is the owner of the Club.”