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Araboka continues to grow, Playing at Home

The restaurant’s new project joins the Malaguista ‘Playing at Home’ platform, reaffirming its commitment to the Blue and White entity and its season ticket holders.

Araboka Plaza is a new project by Araboka. The restaurant is situated on Calle Compositor Lehmberg Ruíz, Nº 28, local 6, in Malaga. Despite maintaining the essence of its original venue, located on Calle Pedro de Toledo, Nº 4, the second establishment will feature an air of enriching freshness.

They have a firm commitment to service and local products from Málaga, so Playing at Home is guaranteed for all Malaguistas who want to enjoy lunch, a snack or dinner at this restaurant. Since 2016, when the first venue opened its doors, the familiar treatment and the quality of its products have been part of its identity.

The new decor, the five private rooms and a sustainable and exquisite gastronomic offering will make you feel at home, Malaguista. In addition, for Blue and White season ticket holders, Araboka Plaza offers a 5% discount off the bill. Thank you for your support!