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Antonio Jesús, a very special fan

The young Malaguista watched today’s training from the stands at La Rosaleda. Following the session, the players signed the Blue and White wheels on his wheelchair.

The Malaguista feeling is very prevalent in Antonio and Raquel, who have instilled this same passion in their son Antonio Jesús. For them, today was not just a normal day, and they’ll remember it with the same affection as the Malaguista players. This morning’s session at La Rosaleda featured this special visit.

Antonio Jesús is a 14-year-old boy with spina bifida who anxiously awaits the weekends when Málaga CF are in action at La Rosaleda to come and cheer on his team with his father. The frames of his wheels are decorated with Malaguista motifs, so they’re always with him. Today was not a match, but he loved it all the same. The family saw the team in training at the stadium.

Subsequently, accompanied by Sebastián Fernández ‘Basti’ from the MCF Foundation’s Social Department, he received some gifts from the Club and met the players.

Thank you for your visit, Antonio Jesús!