Ana Buceta: “We must give continuity to the victories”

The Málaga CF Femenino midfielder analysed the upcoming Reto Iberdrola rival, UD Collerense: “They’ve got quality goal-scorers upfront and we need to be careful. We can’t rest on our laurels”, she told MCFTV.


08/11/2019 09:43

Positive mentality

“This has been a good week, we’ve got a great mentality, we’re positive following the victory against Villarreal and the team is in a good dynamic”.

Hoping to score

“I’ve been fighting to score a goal for some time, I’ve had chances, but the ball isn’t going in. Hopefully this weekend will be the one”.

UD Collerense

“We’re studying their strengths. We know that upfront they’ve got players like Espada who is very experienced and scores a lot of goals. In fact, she’s the team’s highest scorer so we need to be careful. Even though they’re at the bottom of the table, we can’t rest on our laurels as this league is very tight”.

Keep adding points

“Victories give you confidence, but they are useless if you don’t have continuity. This week’s match is more important than last week’s game”.

MCF Academy

“They are adapting well, very eager. They put pressure on those of us who are more settled, which helps the team to grow”.

Message to fans

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the fans’ support. It’s crucial to the team as it give you a boost and additional motivation during moments of weakness, which we’re incredibly grateful for”.

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