Afternoon session to kick off the week

The team returned to training this Monday afternoon at La Rosaleda’s Annexe. The first session in a week featuring two matches, one Cup and one League clash, against Real Oviedo at home.


04/01/2021 18:58

Around 5pm the players stepped on to the pitch. Following a brief technical talk by Pellicer, the starting players from yesterday’s game in Albacete – all except goalkeeper, Dani Barrio – and Matos (muscular injury to left hamstring) trained in the gym.

The rest of the team underwent a normal training session, with Chavarría, Jozabed and Hicham carrying out part of the session with the team. Mejías was reintegrated into the group. Gonzalo, Julio, Juan Cruz, Mini, Quintana, Benítez, Eu, Murillo and ‘juvenil’ players Larrubia and Haitam were the homegrown players in training at full pace.

Tomorrow, Tuesday at 5pm, an afternoon training session is scheduled at La Rosaleda’s facilities. An hour before (4pm) Sergio Pellicer will hold a press conference the day before the #MálagaRealOviedo Copa del Rey clash (Wednesday 6th, 9pm).

Talking about... Josua Mejías, Hicham, Jozabed, Chavarría

02/03/2021 15:12 | Medical report

Chavarría medical report

The Blue and White striker sustained injury yesterday during #MirandésMálaga and suffers a tear to the cruciate ligament in his left knee.

25/02/2021 13:30 | Training

Dynamic session at La Rosaleda

Málaga CF resumed training this Thursday morning at La Rosaleda’s facilities from 11:00. The second session of the week to prepare for #MirandésMálaga.