Adriana: “We need to keep our heads up and focus on our league

The Málaga CF Femenino captain talked about the new players who debuted with the Malaguista squad: “They brought a great deal of stability, we have to fit the pieces, but they’ll give us life”.


02/02/2019 15:43

Match analysis

“The sensations are bad, you can’t get any good feelings from a game like this, especially with the result. We need to keep our heads up and focus on our league with the direct rivals below us”.

Continue competing

“It was fundamental as if you win you’ve placed yourself in the middle of the table, but that’s not our league, our league is all those below us and now we have to think about defeating them”.

Individual situation

“I tried to square things with the new players. On a personal level I feel good as I always try to do my best, although I always want more and more in my position”.

New incorporations

“They’ve not been with us for long, yet they gave everything they had. They’ve come from a long way away. They’re here to contribute and brought a great deal of stability to the game. We have to fit the pieces, but I’m certain they are players who will give us life”.

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