Adriana: “The League is the reward for all the hard work”

The Málaga CF Femenino captain, together with striker, Meri Martí spoke to the Club’s media following the match.


15/04/2018 17:42

Adriana Martín: 

United team on and off the pitch

“We can be extremely satisfied with the work we’ve been doing since day one. We went from strength to strength with a practically new team, and I believe we deserve it. We’re united, on and off the pitch, which I think is reflected when we’re playing”.


“I’m delighted for myself as well as the team. I’m lucky to score goals, but in the end it’s clear that without the work of the team, there would be nothing. I’m so happy we’re celebrating because we deserve it, it’s a reward for all our hard work”.

Promotion play-offs

“We have a bit of everything left. We’ve got time to enjoy this, but by the end of the day we’ll be thinking about the play-offs. We know it’s going to be tough, every team wants to be in the First Division, but no one will work harder than us. This motivates us to continue fighting and getting the Club to where it deserves, which is in the First Division”.

Meri Martí: 

Scored the 1-0

“I’m happy I opened the scoring. We’ve been waiting for this match for so many days, it was our objective and we achieved it. Now we’re determined and highly focused ahead of the play-offs”.

First objective achieved

“The first objective was to win the league as soon as possible, we’ll finish it in the best possible way, but now the team is focusing on the main objective, which is to move up to the First Division”.

Message to fans

“The fans are a 10 out of 10, as always. Whenever we need them they never fail us. They are constantly there and are the 12th player who always give us the final push”.

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