A word that defines everything: VAMOS!

The Blue and White dressing room tunnel has no secrets from the intrepid MCFTV camera. Hit play and enjoy the delight of the 3-1 victory against Zaragoza at La Rosaleda!


25/05/2019 10:39

The expectation at the mouth of the pitch of a number of non-called-up Malaguistas for the match; the unanimous cry of ‘vamos!’ from the players in celebration as they headed to the dressing room; Caminero and Juan Rodríguez congratulating the team; and even a section for superstition, positive in this case, with references from Pacheco and Adrián to the ‘talismans’ Iznata and Basti.

And to top it off, the curious explanation of his goal by Renato…In short, an ‘MCF Inside’ not to be missed… Vamos, Málaga!

Talking about... MCF Inside

21/08/2019 18:06 | Report

José’s Blue and White idyll

The player, who wore the Malaguista jersey in the 16/17 season and fell in love with the Club and the fans, is now back home revealing his great excitement on his return.

31/07/2019 16:29 | Report

The presentation of Okazaki

Shinji Okazaki has unleashed passions amongst the Malaguistas and himself…He was delighted to get to know La Rosaleda and see his name screen printed in Japanese on the Blue and White shirt. Enjoy with MCFTV the best moments of the striker’s presentation.