A very Málaga union

San Miguel and Málaga CF have been together so long that it’s practically impossible not to associate the beer brand with the Blue and Whites.


20/06/2019 17:30

Iris de Palacio Carrascal, local brand manager in the south for Mahou-San Miguel, explains to MCFTV that “since we arrived, we’ve been supporting Málaga CF and we have a close relationship”, with the Martiricos entity. “It’s an historic friendship since San Miguel laid its first stone in Málaga, and we aim to continue this friendship for a long time to come”.

San Miguel’s ‘taste of Málaga’ has been established on the Costa del Sol for half a century, a destination that attracted the popular beer company to our incredible city. In addition, the company has a love for Málaga CF and the fans’ unconditional support, as they fill the stands at La Rosaleda stadium. That association of being ‘very much from here’ perfectly reflects San Miguel’s Malaguista way of feeling, that is featured in the many promotions and unique experiences linked to MCF and ‘The MBC’.

“Somos muy de aquí” says the classic slogan from one of the most recognisable, renowned brands in the commercial arena. If you want to know more about the variety of beers, promotions, history, events... click here

Talking about... The MBC

09/12/2019 16:01 | Business

In good Malaguista hands, with Grupo ANP

The company specialising in occupational risk prevention has, for several years, been adviser to Málaga CF in this area, looking after the health and safety of all employees.