A superhero at La Rosaleda

Miguel Ángel, a true Malaguista superhero visited La Rosaleda’s Annexe today with his family to watch the team in training.


15/07/2020 12:20

In an action organised by the MCF Foundation, authorised by LaLiga – with the relevant safety measures in place – and with the collaboration of the ‘Superhéroes – Un Niño Una Sonrisa’ association, Miguel Ángel enjoyed watching Málaga CF in training this Wednesday morning.

The Club’s judicial administrator, José María Muñoz, along with the heads of the Sports Department and MCF Academy, Manolo Gaspar and Duda, accompanied the young fan and his family during the visit, as well as delegate, Josemi.

In the middle of the training session, Sergio Pellicer and Adrián González wanted to say hello to Miguel Ángel, who enjoyed this special day immensely. On behalf of the Club, the coach presented him with a Malaguista cap and the captain gave him a football and a shirt signed by the entire team. Munir also presented Miguel Ángel with his goalkeeping gloves.

The players, who applauded the young boy during the session, received a good dose of strength from a true Blue and White superhero.

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