A high-flying MBC at the ESIC

Málaga CF’s Business Club met at the Business School’s facilities at Málaga’s Technology Park to undergo a workshop with two pilots from the Spanish Army.


08/11/2017 17:32

Members of The MBC visited the ESIC in Málaga, without really knowing what they were going to find. On their arrival, two fighter pilots welcomed them to take part in a very different workshop.

The members were divided into two large groups and were entrusted with a mission they had to complete as a team. They passed the test successfully.

“As a company director, you have to make sure you’re prepared to make decisions in increasingly complex situations. Our aim with this dynamic is for people to train, theoretically, in high-pressure, stressful situations, so that they can then make the best decision for their work or business”, comments ESIC Andalucía director, Ignacio de la Vega, to the Club media.

Congratulations to The MBC, mission accomplished!

Talking about... The MBC

16/01/2019 12:53 | The MBC

EnPie, always tailored to Málaga CF

EnPie Publicidad Exterior is a Málaga company proud to support the Blue and White colours. In addition, this firm was one of the first to join The MBC and is responsible for taking care of every detail at La Rosaleda stadium.