“A day with the Genuine team shows the reality of life and what this Club is”

José Alberto attended the Málaga Genuine training session this Tuesday 11th January at El Romeral, offering advice and instruction to the players on what was a very special day: “Days like today are lovely,” said the Malaguista coach.


12/01/2022 19:05

It was a different afternoon for Málaga Genuine during Tuesday’s training session at the CD El Romeral ground. The Supercapacitad@s Football School returned to work and enjoyed their first session of 2022. There was a very special guest in the form of Málaga CF coach, José Alberto, who provided some technical-tactical concepts to the team.

José Alberto, who has training in Special Education and Teaching, told MCFTV that he has experienced “many special situations such as those of this Foundation. It was a lovely day, showing the reality of life and what this Club is. The Foundation does amazing work, and there are over 70 children in the Genuine school,” said the coach.

The Supercapacitad@s loved every minute of the visit and, as always, they gave their all. Their coach, Fernando González commented that “it’s a real honour. They enjoyed it so much and really paid attention to the advice and instruction.” He also had words of thanks for José Alberto, with the coach from the School of Intellectual Disability stating: “It’s such a pleasure for them, it shows his purity and commitment to Málaga CF. The players really enjoyed it and felt involved, and it helps to get the best out of them. It’s important, despite their difficulties, that they feel they have many abilities.”

The players said the coach is “a 10. He’s like a father to us,” said Antonio, highlighting the great relationship that some of the players have with the coach, following the inclusive training session between the first team and some Genuine players held on World Disability Day.

On this day full of hard work, effort, camaraderie and smiles, the presence of Málaga CF’s judicial administrator and MCF Foundation president, José María Muñoz didn’t go unnoticed. There was also representation from the players. Javi Jiménez, celebrating his birthday, didn’t want to miss out, and he reaffirmed his commitment as part of the coaching team of the Supercapacitad@s outfit.

A day of Malaguismo in which the Club and the Foundation once again showed they work hand in hand every day. With Málaga Genuine taking centre stage, it was clear that football is more than 90 minutes or 11 players. José Alberto enjoyed being with the Malaguista Family in all its splendour: “These are things that stay with you forever. Days like today are lovely,” he added.

With Memory, Commitment and Faith, Málaga, the Foundation and José Alberto gave their all and took another step forward towards integration and Malaguismo.

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