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82 years ago the first stone was placed at La Rosaleda

On this day, 21st June 1936, La Rosaleda took its first step towards the construction of a stadium which became a temple for all Malaguistas.

Since the beginning of the 1930s, a location was sought in Málaga for the construction of a new stadium. At that time, the main football venue in the city was located at Baños del Carmen, but the reduced dimensions and the setback of playing right next to the sea led to the search.

On 7th May 1935, following the purchase of land in the then-called Martiricos plot, the construction commission of La Rosaleda was created, the Pro-Stadium Committee. In January 1936 the model of the stadium was presented, the work of architects Enrique Atencia Molina and Fernando Guerrero-Strachan Rosado.

This new stadium would have dimensions of 105x70 metres and a capacity for 16,000 spectators. Finally, 21st June 1936 was the date chosen to lay the first stone. Long before 7pm, the time set for the event, hundreds of people crowded into Martiricos to witness the occasion.

At that time, both civilian and military authorities began to arrive. They were greeted by CD Malacitano directors and member of the Pro-Stadium Committee with José Atencia Molina, president of the committee, at the head. Once the authorities and other members had been welcomed, as well as the architects of the project, the event got underway.

Rafael Manín Tornero, Malaguista fan, José Atencia Molina and Eugenio Entrambasaguas Caracuel, mayor of the city took to the floor. Once the speeches had finished, the mayor laid the first stone, which contained a signed act that read:

“In the city of Málaga, the undersigned, authorities and representatives of the living forces of Málaga, Pro-Stadium Committee, Malacitano board and press, attest to the laying of the first stone of Martiricos stadium, Málaga 21st June 1936”.

Following the act, the authorities and guests moved to the Town Hall ‘caseta’ at the Martiricos fairground. Less than a month later, the Civil War broke out, causing the works to stop. They didn’t continue again until the start of 1940, modifying the original project.

It wasn’t until 14th April 1941 when La Rosaleda, with capacity for 8,000 spectators, hosted its first match, against AD Ferroviaria. This game suffered a setback due to the destruction caused by a storm at the Baños del Carmen pitch. Finally, on 14th September of that year, the official inaugural match was held against Sevilla FC.