61 purely genuine images

The MCF Foundation is organising the first virtual photographic exhibition of our beloved Málaga Genuine, promoted by the Sports Department of Málaga City Hall. 61 purely genuine images.


03/07/2020 17:07

With the aim of continuing to normalise people with disabilities in our society, especially in the world of sport, Málaga City Hall and the Club’s Foundation promote an exhibition that can be viewed at any time on the official Blue and White website.

The majority of the 61 images selected for the exhibition correspond to the objective of Pepe Ortega, Málaga CF’s official photographer and the MCF Foundation itself. Also included are photos from the Fundación LaLiga, all covering the past two years of an incredible adventure, during which the Supercapacitad@s Football School has represented the ‘Blue and White’ Values better than anyone else, which the Club and Foundation want to convey to fans.

Fair play, teamwork and respect…matches, trips, tournaments…unique moments and experiences that reach the hearts of everyone who sees them, looks at them and admires them, for the background and intrinsic message they bring with them.

The Foundation also thanks the City Hall, Málaga’s provincial government, Obra Social ‘laCaixa’ and SANAMAR, sponsors and above all friends, for their loyal commitment to the well-known Málaga Genuine, and all their support over the past two years, reflected in an exhibition that goes beyond the virtual to reach the soul.

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