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60 years is nothing

Abdullah Ben Barek and Ignacio Ibarreche met again last Friday at La Rosaleda, after six decades, making the most of the friendly between Málaga CF Forever and the CD Galdakao de Galdácano veterans.

The Association of Ex Málaga Footballers continues to resume its usual activity, with Manolo Hernández Navarrete at the helm, in the new post-COVID normality.

The latest friendly between our Blue and White legends, at La Rosaleda Stadium’s Annexe, was incredibly special. Málaga defeated Galdácano by 4-1 with goals from Javi Henares (2), Catanha and Javi Ramos.

But what really stood out was seeing the reunion of two former teammates who shared a dressing room at Club Deportivo Málaga in the 60/61 and 61/62 seasons. We’re talking about our beloved Ben Barek and Ignacio 'Iñaki' Ibarreche, a former Malaguista goalkeeper who visited Málaga to see his friend again as suggested by the veterans of the Basque team.

Smiles, anecdotes and multiple ‘battles’ in the run-up to the friendly match and in the classic third half that Málaga CF veterans enjoy so much. Two friends who saw each other again after six decades and enjoyed reminiscing about their Blue and White past.

What an unforgettable day!

Photos: Carlos Guerrero