Xerez takes the 11th Mateo David Bautista Memorial on penalties (4-5)

Málaga Club de Fútbol and Xerez CD have played a friendly, the 11th Mateo David Bautista Memorial, in the Enrique López Cuenca stadium in Nerja.


30/11/2011 21:43

It was a relaxed start for both teams, with few opportunities, although all the approaches there were came from Málaga with a corner and attempts on Toni’s area in the first 15 minutes of the game.
The rest of the first half developed without many major chances.  Amongst the highlights of the first 45 minutes were Rondón’s passes to Juanmi and Víctor Ruiz, the Venezuelan’s header, and Diego Buonanotte’s various moves.  But, without doubt, the most notable play came from Maresca who hooked a good ball that ended bouncing off Toni’s goal.  For their part, the Cádiz side had few occasions to attack; the one real chance coming from Iñigo Vélez, who’s header Rubén stopped without any difficulty.
The second half of the game developed in a different way, especially with regard to the amount of goal chances for both teams.  Xerez had various opportunities to move the scoreboard forward in their favour, but Rubén stopped the side in their tracks.  Highlights included the Málaga goalkeeper saving a great shot from Íñigo Vélez from 20 metres, and Cadevila’s moves, which together complicated Málaga CF’s position.
For their part, Málaga also created numerous chances to batter Toni’s (and then Iván’s) goal with a clear pass from Portillo to Maresca who would’ve got it, except for the defensive intervention of Mendoza.  With the carousel of changes for both teams, the Málaga attack was joined in the second half by Atlético Malagueño’s Juanillo and Adrián, who both proved to be very active in the minutes they played.
However, neither of the two teams scored in the 90 minutes, taking the goalless draw to penalties.
And the penalty shoot-out decided that the victor of the 11th Mateo David Bautista Memorial was Xerez CD, with five goals to four.
Match details
Xerez CD: Toni (Iván 76’), Mendoza (Joaquín 76’), Álvaro Silva, Gerad, Raul Llorente (José Carlos 76’), P. Redondo (Luisma 58’), Burno Herrero (Tali 35’), Parada (Juanito 70’) , J. Vega (Olmos 70’), Capdevila and Iñigo Velez (Rosillo 70’) . 
Málaga CF: Rubén, Camacho, Kris, Weligton (Samuel 46’), Víctor Ruiz, Portillo (Juanillo 80’), Apoño, Maresca, Buonanotte, Juanmi (Adrián 73’) and Rondón (Recio 46’). 
No goals
Penalty shootout, Málaga CF 4-5 Xerez CD
José Luis Paradas Romero: Yellow card for Xerz CD’s Álvaro Silva.
The 11th Mateo David Bautista Memorial, in the Enrique López Cuenca stadium in Nerja.