We’re all together

Málaga CF, in collaboration with Hospital Regional de Málaga ‘Carlos Haya’, sends a message of thanks to healthcare workers and one of encouragement to patients fighting COVID-19.


12/05/2021 11:27

The Entity, together with its Foundation, wants to stress that now more than ever we need to continue to be responsible and supportive. Although the state of alarm in Spain has just ended, we cannot forget the virus is still there. As such, we urge Malagueños and Malagueñas to continue taking the necessary precautions to win the battle against this pandemic.

The Club has taken part in a video, featuring some of the most well-known faces, dedicated to healthcare workers in Málaga and the province, as well as patients who are fighting the virus. Manolo Gaspar, Duda, Basti, Sergio Pellicer, Nati Gutiérrez, Fernando González, Lombán, Escassi, Claudia, physiotherapist Ana Madrid… MCF, MCFF and Málaga Genuine, hand in hand, symbolise the great Malaguista Family we are.

To mark #InternationalNursesDay, Málaga CF appreciates the commitment and faith of all these wonderful professionals and amazing people who look after our health every day in such tough times. Your work has no limits.

The best victory will be the one we’ll celebrate when we win this battle. All of us, without giving up, are together in this great game of life.


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23/06/2021 12:43 | Organisation

Málaga CF, present at #DestinoTokio

The Club, represented by judicial administrator José María Muñoz and head of the MCF Academy, Duda attended the APDM event to support Olympic athletes in the province.