We live your colours!

Pinturas Andalucía is celebrating four decades of existence, just like Andalucía, with Andalucía Day commemorated this Friday 28th February.


28/02/2020 13:55

On this special day, Málaga CF wanted to join one of its most loyal sponsors in a fun film made by MCFTV. The charisma, spark and art of Basti is featured, the anecdotes of Abdullah Ben Barek, with Blue and White winger and defender, Tete Morente and Farfán also involved.

Humour, painting and Malaguismo to celebrate a day marked in green and white in Andalucía’s calendar. Hit play and enjoy the video!

Talking about... Basti, Ben Barek, Farfán

02/08/2022 18:13 | Organisation

Good food has a taste of Málaga!

A Malaguista expedition attended the gastronomic event organised by the Diputación and AVOI to highlight the importance of good nutrition. “Thank you to 'Sabor a Málaga' for having this type of initiative, encouraging young people to enjoy healthy habits,” said Javi Jiménez.