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Press conference

“We know that the entire city is with us”

Juande and Sangalli appeared in La Rosaleda’s mixed zone upon their return from the mini concentration in Estepona: “We cannot go to defend the result, we have to go there to win,” they said.

Málaga CF returned from their stay at the Hotel Sol Marbella Estepona Atalaya Park today. On arrival at La Rosaleda, after morning training at the Marbella Football Center facilities, Luca Sangalli and Juande spoke to the media in the La Rosaleda mixed zone. 

Luca Sangalli: We have to go there to win, we can't think about anything else”

Concentration in Marbella
We’ve spent a couple of days in concentration to prepare for the games. It’s gone well, training has been good and we’re relaxed. Now we are focused on this weekend's match, which is the grand final. There is one game left and we’re going to give our all on Saturday.”

Last match
You want it to arrive as soon as possible, but you have to prepare for the game calmly, as if it were just another game, which I think is what we’re doing. Working well and calmly and we are already prepared for what we’ll be facing at the weekend.”

A very complicated match
We already saw it in the first leg. Every dispute is going to be a war and we know that it will be a real battle. However, we’re prepared for whatever comes.”

Attacking mentality
I think that throughout the playoff we’ve known that we have to approach each game as if it were unique. Yet now we have to think that it is like a league game and go there to win, we can't think about anything else.”

I personally feel very good, very happy, especially in these playoff games. I feel important.”


Juande: We know that the entire city is with us

No more tickets left for the Auditorium
We are seeing it week after week, the fans are with us to the death and although unfortunately they cannot be there with us in Tarragona, we know that the entire city is with us. It’s an extra motivation.”

Concentration in Marbella
It's always good to get together with the group, spend a few days together, training, focused on what's coming. Seeing what things we can improve from the first leg, and everyone is very motivated and focused on the match.”

Joy for Malaguismo
I hope we can fulfil the objective. It would be a great reward for all these years where we haven’t achieved our major goals. With great enthusiasm and motivation this week, we can’t wait for the match to try and win and get promoted.”

Trust in ourselves
The team is performing at a very high level, we are very united with both the group and the fans. We’ve managed to turn around some games and we have to continue trusting in ourselves and each try to give our best version so that the group moves forward.”

Going out to win
Even though we won the first leg, I think it would be a mistake to go out and defend the result. We have to go there to win as we have done in all the playoff games.”

Most important match
For us all it’s the most important game because of everything at stake, but in the end we have to keep a cool head and approach it in the best way possible. Let it serve as motivation, not as pressure, because in the end it’s a great match, an extra motivation to go out there and give everything.”