Víctor: “We’ll work on improving our effectiveness”

The Málaga CF coach, following the match against CD Mirandés, appeared in the press room at Anduva stadium. “We have claimed a point to continue to grow and generate better automatisms”.


14/09/2019 19:42

Analysis of the 1-1 draw

“We can be happy, we knew it was going to be tough. The first half was good, with good combinations and arrivals, but we didn’t manage to score. Then afterwards we couldn’t secure our lead and keep the score in our favour. It was clear that Mirandés were going to pile the pressure on us, but their situations were generated more from our mistakes; we showed imprecision, the pitch hindered circulation and they created danger with pressure upfront. Scoring a point is positive, the team showed character and knew how to suffer; and then we had the opportunity to make it 0-2 to win the game. We’ll work on improving our effectiveness”.


“We have many consecutive games now with little rest time. Keidi’s substitution? The card conditioned the decision and he has also been playing with his national team. Luis (Hernández) practically didn’t take part in pre-season training and he suddenly entered and started to compete. Then with the card we understood it was great for Lombán to have minutes”.


“I’m happy with all the guys that have made their debut. We know how important it is for the strikers to score in terms of confidence. (Sadiku) did a good job in defence and attack, it’s essential to have a reference upfront. Benkhemassa? It wasn’t an easy match for him, but we’re very happy and on the whole, he competed phenomenally well”.


We have claimed a point to continue to grow and generate better automatisms (…) The analysis is market by effectiveness. The two teams had possibilities. Mirandés took advantage of our mistakes and made good transitions”.