Víctor: “We did everything to win”

The Malaguista coach attended to the media in a press conference following the draw with UD Las Palmas: “We congratulated all the players, I enjoyed watching the team play”.


24/08/2019 23:44

The result falls short

“The assessment of the result is always the same, fairness is marked by effectiveness. We scored a goal and conceded a goal. Circumstances during which refereeing mistakes can make a difference within a match we could talk about, but that’s not the case. In regard to the result, we need to accept it and view it as positive that we scored a point, but of course it falls short. The analysis we make of the 90 minutes shows we should have claimed more than a point. We congratulated all the players, those who entered the team for the first time, they played a sensational match”.

A great match against a great rival

“We did everything to win against a rival who didn’t deserve to lose on matchday 1 to one of the most important teams in the category such as SD Huesca. We were able to counter a team that is characterised by a great ability to have the ball, as shown by the possession stats during the game. We had much more possession and generated clear scoring opportunities. We believe we had numerous occasions to win the match, but we lacked effectiveness. We’re very happy with the gameplay, which is the most important aspect, both in attack and in defence”.

Superb teamwork

We congratulated all the players. Those who were there and those who weren’t. I very much enjoyed watching the team play, with personality, with character. We generated loads of opportunities with a combination of play inside and out, with pressure upfront, possession and a very good attitude from the team. All these aspects we’re working on are reflected on the pitch, and of course, we thank the players”.

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Thanks once again, FANS

Málaga CF’s first team carried out an open training session this Friday 3rd January. Around 500 fans cheered on the team in the penultimate session of the week.