Víctor: “The tie is still wide open”

The Malaguista coach held a press conference following #DéporMálaga: “We’re in the middle of the tie with possibilities to take it”, he affirmed.


12/06/2019 23:51

Analysis of the 4-2

“In the first 15 minutes of the second half their three shots were converted into three goals. After the break the idea was to go out there with the same mentality and ambition to score more goals. The final result, which draws attention, is in no way definitive. We came close to scoring a third goal, we were also facing a very important rival who showed the effectiveness they have with their quality. The tie is still wide open, we need to score two goals and in the last two home games we’ve scored three in each. With the fans’ support we can do it”.

Competitiveness and options

“The first half was very good, but we were expecting that action from the rival through combinative or direct play. Effectiveness marked a lot of the gameplay, but the team tried to readjust and in the final minutes competed very well. We continue to believe, we’re in the middle of the tie with possibilities to take it”.

Pau’s injury

“He sustained a strong blow to the knee, at first he could carry on, but then was unable to. We’ll have to see how it goes”.


“The Deportivo players are of a very high level and during the important moments they shine. For that reason, we also need to congratulate the opponent”.

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