Víctor: “Our improvement will lead us to achieve the results”

The Malaguista coach held a press conference before kicking off this morning’s training session and talked about the new General Manager: “He’s very involved and is even travelling with the team.”


08/11/2019 12:02


“It’s going to be a very difficult match. This is a team that is showing a high level of reliability. Very compact, very solid. I would say this is a team that is making very few mistakes, which is allowing them to score a great deal of points in the first third of the season. On a defensive level they’re very good, they concede few goals”.

Scoring stats

“We have the same number of goals conceded. In this aspect we have a similar performance, but they are making the most of the actions against their rivals. They take advantage of their opponents’ mistakes. With a much higher number of goals scored, that’s what marks the difference. Our improvement and fine-tuning will lead us to achieve the results”.

Richard Shaheen

“He’s someone who was working within the Club in these roles and is showing he’s very involved and is even travelling with the team to show his support. The idea of being together, sharing information and trying to resolve the problems we have, we believe, is a great idea”.

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