Víctor: “Mirandés are a very daring team”

The Blue and White coach held a press conference at the Ciudad de Málaga in the run-up to #MirandésMálaga. “We’re ready for this match and are seeking victory”, he stated.


13/09/2019 14:14


“We are facing this match with great enthusiasm and excitement as we’ve worked in a very different way this week from previous weeks. We have the certainty now of knowing who we are now and the registered players we have”.

Good week

“We had the international break that meant we didn’t have all our players available, but even so this work week has been the best since we started. The others have also been good, but we now know who we are, and the coaching team is analysing the weak points the team needs to improve on in order to grow. That’s what we’re focused on”.


“We’re very excited ahead of this match. We’ve been competitive in a highly complex context and understand that now the team will be even more competitive. However, we need time so that everything works well and all the new players who have just arrived begin to gain form. We believe we’re ready for this match and are seeking victory, which we need to obtain, whatever happens”.

Rival and dominance

“Mirandés are a very competitive team and we’re playing at their stadium. We liked the bravery shown in the match analysis from a newly promoted team. It’s somewhat similar to what we were talking about last week in the preparation for Almería or Girona. Both teams will fight to control play. They have a very clear 4-4-2 and in that sense the match will have the same characteristics as that of Almeria. Lots of combinative play and many arrivals from the wing and options inside. In every match you come up against very hard-working teams and so many things can happen in 90 minutes. We prepare the game to be able to dominate, but also to defend when the rival dominates us and be effective on the counter-attack”.