Málaga CF Foundation

A collection of life

On Monday, the MCF Foundation attended the presentation of the 'Siempre Fuerte' solidarity project, promoted by artist Fernando Quirós, who has designed a collection featuring the silhouette of Pablo Ráez coloured with all the ties of the different types of cancer.

All the profits from the sale will go to an NGO each year. On this occasion, they will go to ANDEX, the Andalusian Association of Parents of Children with Cancer.

The presentation of the solidarity project was given by Julio Rodríguez, a journalist and friend of Pablo Ráez, and was also attended by Esther Ráez Martínez, Pablo's sister, and his psychologist Anabel Melguizo. Also among the attendees were Pablo Ráez's mother, Rosa Martínez, as well as people very close to him during his life.

The collection, featuring great vividness, colour and light, based on the work of Fernando Quirós, includes a T-shirt, a bag, windbreaker and hooded sweatshirt. These sets can be purchased through the website: Coloreando Vidas - Ayúdame a Ayudar – COLOREANDOVIDAS and includes one of Pablo's life mottos: “The sad thing is not to die, the sad thing is not knowing how to live.”