Twenty years of Malaguista pride in Antequera

Last Saturday the Peña Malaguista de Antequera celebrated its 20th anniversary as a Blue and White supporter’s group. Two decades of Malaguismo in the heart of the province.


12/11/2019 18:39

A special day during which the I FootGolf Tournament was held at Hotel Antequera Golf. As well as a group of members of the Antequera Peña and two from the Peña Malaguista de Pizarra, also in attendance was the Councillor for Sport at the Antequera Town Hall.

A dinner was held in the evening at Restaurante Lozano with representation from the Entity headed by Protocol and Institutional Relations Adviser, Francisco Martín Aguilar; representatives from Málaga Forever with former players such as Juanito Gutiérrez and Antequera-born Juan Jesús Calatayud; and the Federación de Peñas Malaguistas, with Miguel Molina at the helm.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary, the peña received various Malaguista gifts, such as a beautiful trophy, a jersey signed by the Málaga CF first team, a vintage football and a flag bearing the ‘Forever’ logo.

Since 1999, the Peña Malaguista de Antequera has been loyal to the Malaguista feeling and Málaga CF’s Blue and White colours. Congratulations, here’s to another 20 years!

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Málaga CF Statement

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