Three points for Leganés from La Rosaleda (1-2)

Narrow defeat for Málaga CF against the ‘Pepinero’ rival. Goals from Juande (own goal) and Sabin Merino tipped the balance in the visitors’ favour.


21/11/2020 16:25

The Blue and Whites welcomed Leganés (LaLiga SmartBank matchday 13) this Saturday at 14:00 at La Rosaleda.

Both sides got off to an even start. The locals generated several dangerous approaches, as Yanis Rahmani came close to the 1-0 with a powerful shot inside the area in minute 19, however the pass from Chavarría grazed the crossbar by mere centimetres.

However, despite the great attacking display from Pellicer’s men (Manolo Sánchez was in the dugout on this occasion due to the coach’s two-match ban), CD Leganés took the lead. Rival team captain Bustinza provoked a situation within the Malaguista defence that led to a Juande own goal (0-1, 33’). At half-time the scoreboard remained the same.

The match continued with the same inertia in the second half, with even play between both sides and disputed possession in the wide area.

Juande, in minute 63 of play, made up for the fateful 0-1 to go level. From a set piece, the defender headed the ball into the goal to the surprise of the ‘Pepinero’ defence (1-1).

After seven minutes, the referee called a penalty in favour of the Madrid-based outfit after a VAR check. This helped the ref determine that a tight Malaguista action inside the area was punishable by the maximum penalty. Sabin Merino converted from the 11-metre mark to seal the 1-2 (71´).

Following the goal, the Malaguistas went out on the attack. They moved the pressure of the match to the opposite area and besieged the opposing goal. However, unfortunately for the locals, the scoreboard didn’t change at the final whistle, ceding all three points to the ‘Lega’.

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MCF / J13 LaLiga SmartBank

1-2 Go Live
  • Juan Soriano
  • Alejandro Benitez (80')
  • David Lombán
  • Escassi
  • Juan de Dios Rivas (73')
  • Jairo (73')
  • Iván Calero
  • Ramón Enríquez (80')
  • Luis Muñoz
  • Yanis
  • Pablo Chavarria


  • David Larrubia
  • Orlando Sá (81')
  • Ismael Casas
  • Cristo Romero
  • Matos
  • Dani Barrio
  • Alberto Quintana
  • Mini
  • Juan Cruz
  • Joaquín Muñoz (74')
  • Cristian Rodríguez (81')
  • Julio Martínez (74')
  • Cuéllar
  • Miquel
  • Javi Hernández
  • Bustinza M.
  • R. Tarín
  • Palencia (91')
  • Kevin Bua (85')
  • Luis Perea
  • R. Pardo
  • Sabin Merino (73')
  • Jose Arnáiz (73')


  • J. Silva
  • Sergio
  • Lasure
  • Miguel De la Fuente (92')
  • Roberto Rosales (86')
  • Riesgo
  • Juan Muñoz
  • Diego Conde
  • Borja (74')
  • Robert Ibáñez
  • Eraso (74')
  • Ojeda


La Rosaleda


  • 0-1 (33'). Juan de Dios Rivas (og)
  • 1-1 (63'). Juan de Dios Rivas
  • 1-2 (71'). Sabin Merino (p)


awarded Luis Muñoz (26'), Juan de Dios Rivas (70') from Málaga CF y Luis Perea (20'), Bustinza M. (44'), Roberto Rosales (86') from CD Leganés.